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Uganda Prayer Moment

If Uganda Is To Be A Great Nation,So Must It Be!!!  

 Much has Been Said by Politicians yet  Little Seems to Have Changed!

In Fact much is Left to be Desired, Our gifted & blessed Nation is Faced With Many Challenges; Massive Blows to Our Economy, Moral Fiber, Social Aspects and Storms Hiting  Various Insititutions of Leadership


We However Believe There’s God in Heaven Above all Things , The Creator of the Universe whom We are Confident That at His Intervention, Our Country Will Flourish Once More and We Shall Reclaim the Dream of Our Nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

We Bring to You The Uganda Prayer Moment.

A Moment of Reconciliation, Togetherness and Total Submission to God is Now!!!

We Must Not Criticize or Blame Anybody for the Wrongs That Have Occurred; This is The Moment ,The Time Has Come for Us to Put Aside all Childish Things, Get Up and Reclaim The Dream Of Our Fore Founders Who Shed Blood For This Nation.

Behold the True Identification of Who Our Nation is What the World Must See and If Uganda is to be a Great Nation So Must it be!!!!!!!!!!!